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Thank you for your ticket purchase through Chelsea in America. 

If your PayPal payment is processed successfully, we will forward your order to Chelsea per their guidelines. Your order is not complete until PayPal payment is processed successfully.

Please read on for some important information regarding your ticket.

Ticket Confirmations

When ordering through CIA, you will receive a confirmation about your tickets from our Club Secretary as soon as we hear from Chelsea. 

About 45 days prior to a Home League match, about 30 days prior to an Away League match, and much shorter timelines for Cup and European competitions.

Ticket Allocations

Historically, we have received 95+% of the tickets we have ordered since Chelsea put this system in place in 2012. Our five regional Supporter Groups are among 32 Platinum Level clubs worldwide with priority access to a limited number of tickets set aside for the supporter groups for both home and away matches.  That number is finite and can vary, with the allocation sometimes being significantly less than the orders received.

When worldwide orders exceed supply, Chelsea will allot a percentage per club. This could mean we may not be able to fulfill every order we receive. It’s only happened 5 times in 5 years but demand is growing.

If this occurs, we prioritize orders based on the continuous length of membership. Members with continuous years of Chelsea Ticketing and CIA memberships are prioritized over first-time members or those who do not renew their memberships year to year. As such, we strongly suggest you ‘keep your place in the queue’ each year and maintain continuous Chelsea Ticketing and CIA memberships even if you may not travel to the UK during the current season.

Should your order not be fulfilled, a full refund for the cost of the ticket is provided to you by Chelsea in America.

Getting Your Tickets

Home: Home tickets will be PDF emailed to you approximately 14 days prior to the match.

Away: Away tickets will be 'slow' mailed via Royal Mail/US Post to the address on your Chelsea Ticketing (formerly True Blue) membership.

​If your tickets do not reach you prior to your departure, you must contact Chelsea in America (not Chelsea FC) no later than 72 hours before the match to arrange for a 'duplicate' ticket to pick up at the visiting ground. Instructions will be provided once we receive confirmation of the duplicate ticket.

Champions League away tickets must be picked up in the away city with a ticket voucher that is mailed to you.

Using Your Tickets​

DO NOT RESELL YOUR TICKETS. Your name is on the ticket and YOU must be the user of that ticket. CFC regularly monitors 3rd party resale sites and ticket usage so you may be subject to I.D. verification.


Please note this type of activity may result in temporary or permanent removal and access to membership and associated benefits, and may risk your Platinum Supporters Clubs affiliation and associated benefits with Chelsea Football Club.

Match date and time changes


TV changes are announced about 30-45 days in advance (less advance notice in the spring.) Even then, they can change if either team is involved in some other Cup that affects the date.​

Terms and Conditions

Tickets purchased through Chelsea in America are subject to the rules and conditions established by Chelsea FC for their Official Supporters Groups, of which you are a member. When Chelsea FC has more orders than tickets available, they revert to a percentage fulfillment and require each Official Supporters Club to prioritize ticket issuance. When required to prioritize tickets due to over-subscription for a particular match, priority is established based on the length of "continuous" CIA and Chelsea Ticketing membership.​ Tickets purchased through Chelsea in America, as part of our service to the Official Supporters Clubs, are not guaranteed until issued by Chelsea FC.  Chelsea FC encourages supporters to not make firm plans until tickets have been confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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