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All About Purchasing Tickets

The below guide provides a detailed overview of how to purchase tickets through Chelsea in America. If you're new to this process or are simply looking for a refresher, we strongly recommend reading about the particular details and requirements of this process.

If you have any questions after reading this overview, please contact us at

Purchasing Tickets

You must have a current Chelsea Ticketing membership (formerly True Blue) and Chelsea in America membership to purchase tickets through us. Ticket access is available to members who meet the membership criteria and are members of one of the five regional Platinum-level supporter's groups - American Heartland, American Southwest Blues, Carefree CA, Mid-Atlantic, or Southeast Blues.


In some scenarios, loyalty points are required to purchase tickets. Read on or click here to learn more about Loyalty Points and how they work.


You may only purchase one ticket per match, per membership. If you plan to attend the match with other members, you can identify others in your party on the order form. Those additional members in your party must abide by the membership requirements and must purchase their tickets in a separate transaction. Your tickets will be 'grouped' together with others from your region in your seating section. 

Example: A family of 4, all with active Chelsea Ticketing memberships and Chelsea in America memberships, want to attend the home match against Southampton. Since this match does not require loyalty points, all members of the party can purchase tickets (if loyalty points were required, they would all need to meet this requirement). To purchase tickets, you would need to submit 4 individual orders and transactions to CIA. All with their own unique member # and name of the member. 

Ticket Allocations

Historically, we have received 95+% of the tickets we have ordered since Chelsea put this system in place in 2012. Our five regional Supporter Groups are among 32 Platinum Level clubs worldwide with priority access to a limited number of tickets set aside for the supporter groups for both home and away matches. That number is finite and can vary, with the allocation sometimes being significantly less than the orders received.

When worldwide orders exceed supply, Chelsea will allot a percentage per club. This could mean we may not be able to fulfill every order we receive. It’s only happened 5 times in 5 years but demand is growing.

If this occurs, we prioritize orders based on the continuous length of membership. Members with continuous years of Chelsea Ticketing and CIA memberships are prioritized over first-time members or those who do not renew their memberships year to year. As such, we strongly suggest you ‘keep your place in the queue’ each year and maintain continuous Chelsea Ticketing and CIA memberships even if you may not travel to the UK during the current season.

Should your order not be fulfilled, a full refund for the cost of the ticket is provided to you by Chelsea in America.

Ticket Ordering Windows

Ticket orders typically close approximately 65 days before league matches. Shorter windows typically occur for Cup and European matches. View projected ticket deadlines here.

When ordering through CIA, you will receive a confirmation about your tickets from our Club Secretary as soon as we hear from Chelsea. About 45 days prior to a Home League match, about 30 days prior to an Away League match, and much shorter timelines for Cup and European competitions.


Choose your primary and secondary seating location in the order form. While we try to place everyone in their preferred choice, seating may not be available in that section for that match.

  • Please note the price differences for each section. If you are placed in your secondary seating location that is more expensive than your primary choice, you will be responsible for the additional cost.



Stamford Bridge: Every person has a different preference. Some like to be close to the pitch, others higher up. Some like to be closer to goals, others towards the halfway line. Here's a cheat sheet of the seating sections at Stamford Bridge:

  • West Lower: Sideline and largely seated for the match.

  • East Upper: Sideline high and seated. Think of the third deck for an NFL game.

  • East Family Lower: Similar to West Lower, near a corner, and seated during the match.

  • Matthew Harding Lower: End zone, singing (i.e. profanity), legal Safe Standing area. You will have a seat but the majority of the crowd will be standing.

  • Shed End Lower: End zone, singing (i.e. profanity), legal Safe Standing area. You will have a seat but the majority of the crowd will be standing. Near visitors.

  • Shed End Upper: End zone 2nd deck, steep and tight seats, singing (i.e. profanity), legal Safe Standing area. You will have a seat but the majority of the crowd will be standing. Near visitors.


  • Away tickets are placed in the Away stand's away block, typically towards the back of the block.

Picking up your Tickets


  • Home tickets will be PDF emailed to you approximately 14 days prior to the match.


  • Away tickets will be 'slow' mailed via Royal Mail/US Post to the address on your Chelsea Ticketing (formerly True Blue) membership. They are usually posted 12-15 days in advance of a match (Chelsea must receive the hard ticket from the opponent) and Royal/US Mail takes approximately 11 days.

  • If your tickets do not reach you prior to your departure, you must contact Chelsea in America (not Chelsea FC) no later than 72 hours before the match to arrange for a 'duplicate' ticket to pick up at the visiting ground. Instructions will be provided once we receive confirmation of the duplicate ticket.

REMEMBER: You are ordering through your regional supporter’s group (American Heartland, American Southwest Blues, Carefree CA, Mid-Atlantic, or Southeast Blues). If asked what group you are with, it’s your regional group, NOT Chelsea in America.

Using Your Tickets

DO NOT RESELL YOUR TICKETS. Your name is on the ticket and YOU must be the user of that ticket. CFC regularly monitors 3rd party resale sites and ticket usage so you may be subject to I.D. verification.


Please note this type of activity may result in temporary or permanent removal and access to membership and associated benefits, and may risk your Platinum Supporters Clubs affiliation and associated benefits with Chelsea Football Club.

Loyalty Points

  • Loyalty points are required for select matches and are usually required for about 1/3 of all matches. 

  • Loyalty Point totals build up through the season and do not decrease if you buy tickets. Your Loyalty Point total resets each season.​

  • You can learn more about Loyalty Points and how they work on the Loyalty Points page.

Which matches follow the Loyalty Points scheme?

Games requiring loyalty points: Home or Away vs Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool. Local Away matches, such as West Ham, Crystal Palace, Fulham, and Brentford may require loyalty points, as well, usually due to high demand. The same may be applied to Leeds Away. Watford. The final Home and Away league matches also require 10 loyalty points. Additionally, late-round Cup matches 'may' have loyalty point requirements (i.e. the 2019 Europa League home semi-final v Frankfurt).

How many Loyalty Points are needed?

Where required, matches from September through December require 5 points. Matches from January through May, and matches in August for the following season require 10 points. For the matches in August of the following season, Chelsea FC uses the prior season's totals.

How can I gain Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points can be gained by renewing your Chelsea Ticketing membership early. Renewing your Chelsea Ticketing membership early grants you 5 loyalty points. This deadline is imposed by Chelsea FC and normally takes place in July.

Loyalty Points can be gained by purchasing match tickets during the season. Loyalty Points earned through ticket purchases vary. For example, some matches give you 3 points whereas early Cup matches may grant you 5 Loyalty Points. More popular matches, like Man United, will only give you 1 loyalty point.

Loyalty Points will post to your membership once your ticket is confirmed by Chelsea and then paid for by CIA. Please keep this in mind if you are trying to build up Loyalty Points for another ticket purchase.

You may need to buy tickets to matches you do not plan to attend to earn loyalty points. It’s the quirky UK system. Bottom line: If you plan to attend matches from January 1 or later, or possibly next August, you need to acquire 10 loyalty points well in advance. We strongly suggest NOT using the big matches to build loyalty points and recommend buying tickets for Cup matches as those offer more points at a cheaper price.

Match Dates and Times


  • TV changes are announced about 30-45 days in advance (less advance notice in the spring.) Even then, they can change if either team is involved in some other Cup that affects the date.

  • If you have purchased tickets for a game and it is moved, you have 24-48 hours from the announcement to cancel through CIA.  We then notify CFC and they will refund the payment.

Terms and Conditions

Tickets purchased through Chelsea in America are subject to the rules and conditions established by Chelsea FC for their Official Supporters Groups, of which you are a member.  When Chelsea FC has more orders than tickets available, they revert to a percentage fulfillment and require each Official Supporters Club to prioritize ticket issuance.  

When required to prioritize tickets due to over-subscription for a particular match, priority is established based on the length of "continuous" CIA and Chelsea Ticketing membership.

Tickets purchased through Chelsea in America, as part of our service to the Official Supporters Clubs, are not guaranteed until issued by Chelsea FC.  Chelsea FC encourages supporters to not make firm plans until tickets have been confirmed.

Should you need further explanation, please contact us at

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