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Chelsea use a unique 'loyalty point' scheme to address excess demand for select opponents and events.  This scheme may seem odd but it is far better than the very restrictive systems used by the other five big clubs that rarely offer away or big home match tickets. The key is to know how to work the system.

As an International Supporter Group member, you required loyalty point # is far lower than fans in the UK and members get ticket access at a price less than public sale.

What matches require loyalty points:

• Big clubs home or away: Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, Man City, Tottenham

• Local London area away: At Crystal Palace, at Fulham, at Watford, at West Ham, etc.

• Charity Shield in August (using the previous season's points)

Points required:

Sept-Dec: 5 loyalty points for the above games

Jan - Aug: 10 loyalty points for the above games (August loyalty point matches use the previous season points)


​What matches do not have ticket access: 

Away to Bournemouth (too small), Cup finals and select other away matches (such as Europa League) where the away ticket allotment is small.

How do you add loyalty points:

• Early True Blue registration: Join by mid July and received 5 points.

• Buy tickets to matches (even if you are not attending and can't pick them up)

Various matches offer various level points.  Big matches just 1 point while early Cup matches are much cheaper tickets and offer 5 loyalty points.  If you are thinking of going over from January 1 thru the following August, we suggest buying a League Cup or Europa/Champions League home ticket in the fall.  They are the cheapest ticket offered, available and offer 5 points.

When do points post:

• Chelsea resets all points on September 1 each season.  So your new points earned in July will post on Sept 1.

• Points post after payment is processed by Chelsea (not when you pay CIA).  So if you order thru CIA, once Chelsea accepts orders your points will post shortly thereafter (usually 45 days before most matches).

Can I resell or give unused tickets away:

No. All tickets must be picked up in person. Gaining access to Supporter Group tickets is a special privilege.  As such, tickets cannot then be resold online.  If they could be, wouldn't people just buy tickets and resell them every week making supply extremely limited?  

Should you need further explanation, feel free to contact

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