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​Chelsea uses a unique 'loyalty point' scheme to address excess demand for select opponents and events.
This scheme may seem odd but it is far better than the very restrictive systems used by other clubs that rarely offer away or home match tickets.

As an International Supporter Group member, your required loyalty point total is far lower than supporters in the UK and you get ticket access at a price less than the public sale. Please read on to learn more about how the Loyalty Point scheme works.

Loyalty Points Overview

  • Loyalty points are required for select matches and are usually required for about 1/3 of all matches. 

  • Loyalty point totals build up through the season and do not decrease if you buy tickets. Your loyalty point total resets each season, in September.

  • Chelsea resets all loyalty points on September 1 each season. This is when your loyalty points earned from early membership renewal will be posted.

  • You can find your loyalty point totals by accessing your membership on Chelsea's website.

Which matches follow the Loyalty Points scheme?

  • Home or Away vs Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool.

  • Local Away matches, such as West Ham, Crystal Palace, Fulham, and Brentford may require loyalty points, as well, usually due to high demand. The same may be applied to Leeds Away.

  • The final Home and Away league matches also require 10 loyalty points.

  • Additionally, late-round Cup matches 'may' have loyalty point requirements (i.e. the 2019 Europa League home semi-final v Frankfurt).

How many Loyalty Points are needed?

  • Where required, matches from September through December require 5 points.

  • Matches from January through May, and matches in August for the following season, require 10 points when the loyalty point scheme is utilized.

  • For the matches in August of the following season, Chelsea FC uses the prior season's totals.

How can I gain Loyalty Points?

  • Loyalty Points can be gained by renewing your Chelsea Ticketing membership early. Renewing your Chelsea Ticketing membership early grants you 5 loyalty points. This deadline is imposed by Chelsea FC and normally takes place in July.

  • Loyalty Points can be gained by securing match tickets during the season. Loyalty Points earned through ticket requests vary. For example, some matches give you 3 points whereas early Cup matches may grant you 5 Loyalty Points. More popular matches, like Man United, will only give you 1 loyalty point.

  • You may need to request tickets to matches you do not plan to attend to earn loyalty points. It’s the quirky UK system. Bottom line: If you plan to attend matches from January 1 or later, or possibly next August, you need to acquire 10 loyalty points well in advance. We strongly suggest NOT using the big matches to build loyalty points and recommend buying tickets for Cup matches as those offer more points at a cheaper price.

When do Loyalty Points post to my membership?

  • Loyalty Points will be posted to your membership once payment is processed by Chelsea (not when you pay CIA). Once Chelsea accepts our orders, your points will post shortly thereafter (usually 45 days before most matches). Please keep this in mind if you are trying to build up Loyalty Points for another ticket purchase.

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